My 2 most commonly used maxscripts

Over the years, there are 2 maxscripts that I use significantly more than any others, so I thought I would mention them and share them with you.

Arch&Design Utilities v2

This is a script that was originally written by Pierre Felix Breton and Zap Anderson back in 2006 I believe, and is super at changing some A&D material settings globally.  I tweaked it and added the "Turn Back Face Culling OFF in all materials" button, hence the v2.  The biggest benefit for using this script is that when you render a raw AO element, you can be certain that every object can have AO assigned to it, and you won't be getting surprised black objects in your pass (as long as you're only using A&D in your scene)....very powerful little script and you can download it here:


Unified Sampling

This is one I've mentioned before, but the current script by Artur Leao has many other mr features.  This one is his older script, which is just unified sampling.  It's so simple, it makes it worth using, and the benefits of using unified especially with moBlur are huge.  What is nice about this script is you can save the settings in the file itself and it will render without a hitch on a farm or through backburner.  You can download this file here:


What I particularly like about the .ms format for these scripts, is all you have to do to use them is click and drag them into your 3dsmax viewport.  If you really want them into your UI though, simply open the scripts through a maxscript dialouge in 3dsmax, highlight all the text and click and drag it onto your main toolbar.  From there you can change the icon of the button by right clicking on it.  Simple as that!


  1. Hi,

    Nice share. Thanks, One thing, can you please write a few steps on how to use these scrips and how it will help us.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. I must clarify...my two most commonly used mental ray scripts...don't really need them for vray :)

  3. Great stuff, appreciate it. These scripts are truly amazing. Exactly what i was looking for a long time. Usualy i use 3d-kstudio.com/product/trackscripts/ where i get my sweets. You may find there a lot of useful scripts and tools for 3ds max.