BES renderings

Here is a new batch of images that I've recently finished. This is another project that was done very quickly. My good friend, and even a better architect, Luis Ayala designed this building.  He created the model in SketchUp. After receiving his model, I imported it into 3ds Max.  It wasn't quite render ready, and there were a few things that I tweaked on the model.  Much of the entourage were low poly, so I modified some of the geometry with editPoly / turboSmooths.  The windows were thin planes without mullions, and I created splines from the faces, and rendered them as rectangles to give the window frames.

These renderings are somewhat of a departure from the hyper-real.  Lately I've been tired of looking at renderings with too much chromatic aberration, DOF, vignetting, etc.  So for this series there was very little post work done.  In some ways it's almost more of a graphical series because of the colors than anything else.


A couple of technical specs:

This was rendered with mental ray. I used the mr daylight system.  I created mr sky portals in most of the large windows, and created photometric rectangular lights in most of the recessed ceiling lights.  For all of my lights I turn off "Automatically Calculate Energy and Photons"; essentially removing the lights from the GI calculation.  I was able to get away with using the default settings for FG and GI.  I also used the Bokeh shader for the Lens output to render DOF.  For image sampling I used unified sampling (min:1, max: 100, quality: 1).  It's much faster than the standard mr sampling, especially with DOF and glossy sampling.

flickr set of these images

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  1. Nice work! Can you share more about the unified sampling technique?