Is That a Photograph? Architectural Photography for 3D Rendering

My virtual course goes live today!  Best of all it's free for you to see.  You have to register for an AU account, but it's worth it, because there are many classes worth viewing.  You can also download all the handouts for the courses as well.

The course description:

It is not enough to know how to create great 3D renderings. You have to make images that really sell, and to do that you need the knowledge of a photographer. This class covers worthy architectural photography principals and explains how to apply them to 3D renderings. You will learn how to translate good image composition, lighting, and staging to your renderings. This class will also discuss photographic phenomenon such as vignetting, barrel distortion, glare, and other issues and describe how to fine-tune these photographic flaws to your advantage to create a rendering that really sells.


  1. Ramy I read your Lecture and I learned quite a few new things, thanks so much for sharing your expertise

  2. thx a lot was searching for this tutor which exact explains the real concept