white house

This one is from a series of renderings. Everything is 100% 3D. The building was modeled in SketchUp as usual. Everything else was modeled in 3ds Max.  To get this one to crank out, I had to use mr Proxies.


Folks have asked me to post settings for this rendering.  So here you go:

Believe it or not, the indirect illumination settings were simply just FG on the default draft setting.  The sunlight was from a daylight system, and sampling was 1,16 on box filtering.

The true magic for this render comes from the leaf material in the trees.  It's simply an A&D material using the translucency map.

The leaves are single planes, so I did set the material to Thin in the Advanced settings.

For the glass it's simply another A&D material with a gradient bitmap plugged into the the bump slot.  The ID on the bump map was set to 3 to correspond to uvw modifiers that were applied to objects that had the glass material.  I set the uvw modifier to "Face" so that the map would fill the entire face of the geometry.  Of course for the diffuse color its black. Other than that, there is not much special to the glass.


  1. Very nice. How heavy was the scene, polygon-wise? And, if you're willing to share, how long did the render actually take?

  2. Impressive as always...thanks ! you are the best MR geek ! :-)

  3. polys: 1,067,520
    render time: 2hrs (excluding FG)

  4. Nice one Ramy...real nice...whats your system spec like and what size were you rendering to? [follow up question to the render time one]. Also what was your Anti-aliasing like... 16,4 or 4,1?

  5. Hi Ramy,
    Just looking at your White House (which by the way is briliant), could you please share the render settings for this project, as I am trying really hard to get something similar to this.

    Thank you


  6. Hi. Great looking render. Can you please post a tutorial or screenshots of your materials (especially the glass) and render settings. Really appreciate it.

  7. Hey Ramy,
    Great render. I was wondering if you could post the translucent material for the leaves. Looks amazing!

  8. the first 2 material images on the post are of the leaves

  9. Grass looks awesome. How did you do it? displacement?

  10. hello rammy..this looks great. just one question, how you did to distribute all this proxies? did you use a script? or something like scattering?


  11. No it was all placed manually. However, if you wanted you can use the paint geometry in the ribbon to do this as well.

  12. Hello awesome grass how parameters have you use for this? Thanks