iPhone - Maxed Out!

I have to show off my new iPhone cover. Much thanks to Jamie Gwilliam at Autodesk for this awesome 3dsmax 20th Anniversary iPhone cover!

Jamie is an expert with 3dsmax, and knows alot of its nuances and quirks.  He has got a great 3dsmax site with alot of really quick and simple tricks that are really useful, and worth checking out at:


  1. Hi there Ramy :) Im currently an eleventh grade student using these programs for a graphics course in school, I've been through your site and love the work you've done. Im wondering if you could help me create the look you do in your rendered pictures on 3ds Max? I currently use the design version as I import files from Revit but Im having a difficult rendering them. Do you have any tutorials/guides/tips on how to work them? Thanks in advance :)

    My email is lynnfield9@hotmail.com if you were to help.

    - Jack.