If you're not familiar with the Gnomon websites and their contribution to the 3D society, and you are working in the 3D industry, then you probably have your head in a hole in the ground. You can now find video tutorials of mine on gnomonology.com. I'm truly shocked at being placed amongst some incredible talent. Hopefully the videos on gnomonology will take my tips and tricks deeper and further. I will still be posting tips and tricks here on my site, but when you get a chance, check out gnomonology.


  1. congratulations Ramy, you deserve to be there :)

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmNd8Yc2mMQ enjoy ;)

  3. You definitely deserve to be recognised as one of the best, Ramy, because you really are. You are so gifted and talented and you have an excellent artistic style. Congratulations! Hend