AU 2008

AU this year was another big success, and ended with Cut & Paste's live competition. The competition that particularly interested me was the architectural competition. At the center stage of the AU Party, the contestants were: David Fano of Case, Inc.; Mark Foster Gage of Gage/Clemenceau; and James O'Toole of Burt Hill. In just 45 minutes, they used 2D and 3D Autodesk packages to create a modern dwelling place on the water that was meant to support 500 families.

The judges were:
  • Phil Bernstein, Vice President, Autodesk
  • Robert Aish, Sr. Development Manager, Autodesk
  • Tatjana Dzambazova, Industry Trends and Technology Advocate, Autodesk
  • Frank Tyneski, Executive Director, IDSA
  • Gray Holland, Principal, Alchemy Labs
  • David Brehm, Creative Director, HKS VIZ
  • Marvin Kim, Architect, Gehry Partners
  • Jay Shuster, Concept Artist, Pixar
The winner was David Fano. Congrats David!

Just yesterday, I had the privilege to see how David created his design in 3DS Max using mind blowing parametric spline modeling....don't under-estimate modifiers!

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