Mental Ray glossy samples

Earilier I wrote about vray dmc glossy samples, so I figured I would do one with mental ray glossy samples as well.

This chart for mental ray takes the combination of samples per pixel vs. A&D material glossy samples.

You decide which one is best for the amount of rendering time. I also found it interesting to compare with the v-ray test and see what overall gave the best performance results.

Check out the pdf, and decide for yourself what are the best settings.

Here's the max file (max 2008, mental ray) if you're interested in the rest of the settings. I was using an hdr map, so you will notice a broken link to that map.


  1. I've been fighting with leather materials for a while and finally found a trick that has been giving me good results:

    Use a reflect/gloss combo that works well, however be sure to check 'Fast (interpolate), select 1/4 res, and 'neighboouring points to look up: set to 4. Also, set the glossy samples to around 32.

    This gets rid of the 'wet' look that I usually get without the fast interpolation.

    Good luck!