V-ray Materials!

Happy April 10th! I was going to do a series of describing different V-ray procedural shaders, but instead, I decided to post the max file on here for everyone's enjoyment. If there is a need for other versions, I can post them on here as well. There are 10 different shaders in this file.

The nice thing about these shaders being procedural is that there are no texture maps to link to. So as long as you have max, they will work. Enjoy!

V-ray shaders (v-ray 1.5 SP1 max 2008)

•Wood Panels
•Brushed Metal
•Painted Concrete Masonary Unit
•Frosted Glass
•Split-Face Concrete Masonary Unit


  1. Great Site! Lots of good information here! Your V-ray shaders are great. I was wondering if you had a similar set for MR? It would be great to have a base set of procedural MR shaders as well!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Really cool materials. You made a great job!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. thank you very much with the shader, i hope it work on max2009 64bits.

  4. hey, what do you mean by procedural texture?

  5. Procedural textures are materials that don't use image maps to drive the texture. 3ds Max has many built in procedural maps such as gradient map and tiles map